Christmas Socks

Now Christmas is over I can share with you some of the gift knitting I did last year - specifically the Christmas Socks I made for family members' Christmas presents.

One of my knitting goals for 2017 was to knit 12 pair of socks. I'm still rounding them up to photograph and I can't honestly say whether I met that goal or not until I find them all. I have the feeling I only made it to 9 or 10 but I might be surprised when I do a count. I'll add them to the blog as I find them.

I cut it really fine to get the last pair off the needles, photographed and in the post during my lunch break on December 20, but everything arrived in time.

All of these socks are made with the same basic pattern - top down, heel gusset, stocking stitch. It's the simplest sock you can make but it always looks good.

Once you've made a few pair this way and you understand the maths you'll never need a pattern to make them again. Also, stocking stitch is the best stitch to show off fancy hand dyed yarn - fancy sock patterns are generally better with plainer yarns.

I used a combination of hand dyed and commercially dyed yarns. I enjoyed the hand dyed yarn much more than the commercial yarn. The Regia yarn wasn't especially nice to knit with and I don't think I'd use it again.

Although I rushed them, I really enjoyed knitting Christmas socks and I'm sure I'll do it again this year. 

Christmas socks
Regia Pairfect Colour sock yarn 4ply shade 7094
Fibrewebs sock yarn I bought at Bendigo last year (but I lost the label).
Little Yellow Cat - Duck Feet sock yarn 4ply in the Fairy Bread colour
Regia Pairfect Colour sock yarn 4ply shade 7126

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