Knitting Needle Conversion Chart

It’s been ages since I’ve updated the blog, so I thought I’d ease back into it with a lazy post – a knitting needle conversion chart. I’ve been planning to add some handy charts and tutorials to the blog for … Read More

How to embroider roses onto a knitted fabric.

Last week I taught a class on finishing techniques for knitwear. We practiced different techniques for seams, setting in sleeves and weaving in ends. One of the swatches I brought for seam practice had a little rose embroidered on it. … Read More

Fair Isle Yarn Dominance

When using the Fair Isle or stranded technique, it’s important to maintain consistency with yarn dominance. It all comes down to how you hold your yarn. It’s important to remember that the dominant colour will always be the yarn that … Read More


After musing about how I can incorporate Autumn into my knitting, I thought “why not just knit a leaf”. So here is a very quick pattern for a little Liquidambar leaf. To make a little Liquidambar leaf that you can … Read More

Basic Knitted Flower

Somtimes the simplest trims are the best. When I made a¬†Camomile Lawn Tea Cosy for my friend and colleague Lorraine, I decided to go for a simpler flower than the camomile flowers on the original. They¬†looked great (apologies for the … Read More