Retro Monday – Knitters Choice 1960

Today’s vintage pattern – Knitters Choice 1960* – is from a bundle of patterns I recently received from my friend Nicole. She gave me about 50 patterns from her own collection and they’re all fantastic! Knitters Choice 1960 is a … Read More

Retro Monday – Trio Knits

I popped into one of the local op shops on the weekend and was lucky enough to find this wonderful pattern called Trio Knits. I haven’t done much op shopping lately, and I haven’t had a lot of luck with knitting patterns when … Read More

Retro Monday – Lux Book 1936

Lux Book 1936 is one of my favourite editions of the Lux Knitting book series, and it’s not because I’m in love with the patterns (although they are lovely). Inside the front cover of Lux Book 1936 is a little … Read More

Retro Monday – Patons & Baldwins 140

I’m going through a serious tidying phase at the moment and my current focus is my vintage knitting pattern collection. I’ve got a few weeks off in May and I plan to get out EVERY vintage pattern that I own, … Read More

Retro Monday – Patons Headliners

Today’s Retro Monday pattern is Patons Headliners. It contains two really smart patterns and lots of daggy 70’s styling. I bought this one from a vintage shop in Bacchus Marsh after it was advertised on Instagram. Although it was published … Read More

Retro Monday – Toddlers World in Totem

Today’s featured vintage pattern is Toddlers World in Totem from Patons. Like many pattern books from my collection, it combines perfectly nice knitwear with rather alarming styling. That bunny is frightening! I received this pattern from my mother in law … Read More

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