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Don’t trust the cheese!

I haven’t posted for a bit – and I blame it all on the fondue. Normally I prepare one or two posts on the weekend and then publish them throughout the week. Last weekend we had our housewarming party. It was more like just having some friends around to eat fondue and play drunk scrabble, but… Read More

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Settling in

We moved to Gordon almost three months ago and I finally feel like we’ve settled in. There were some early problems when we discovered the heater didn’t work, and it took ages for everything to find a permanent place but everything is sorted out now I finally feel like I’ve settled in. So today I… Read More

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Vintage Fatties

I’ve been sick this week – just lying in bed listening to podcasts and keeping the cats entertained. Sadly this means not much knitting has happened at all. I’m particularly sad about missing out on Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea which was on Thursday. It’s a cancer council fundraiser and at work we have a bake-off… Read More