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Rules for knitting away from home

I’m in Hobart this week. It’s all work-related stuff involving insurance and superannuation of course, but it’s still a trip away and a break from the normal weekday grind which is very welcome.Unfortunately it means no pictures for this post as I don’t have my camera with me. I tend to work long hours when I’m in… Read More

mary maxim knitting patterns

Retro Monday – Mary Maxim

A very quick post today because I’m flat out at work and madly knitting a present for a birthday tomorrow (nothing like planning ahead!). Last week I discovered Mary Maxim patterns. I’d never heard of Mary Maxim patterns before but I stumbled across them on the unreasonably excellent blog No Pattern Required. The Mary Maxim website… Read More

owls jumper kate davies

Finished Owls Jumper

I finished my Owls jumper about a week ago and I’m pretty pleased with it. It makes me happy to be finished because it’s a very warm jumper and the weather has been freezing lately. Even the rain freezes solid in Gordon. Ok, so it’s hail, but it makes me think that snow can’t be… Read More


The orphan posts of 2014

Last year was a bit mental so very little blogging was done, especially in the later part of the year. This year is likely to be equally busy and stressful – but now I have a desk where my computer can be set up permanently which makes a huge difference. Something that really fell over… Read More