1960s knitting pattern

In the previous Retro Monday post, I featured some styles from the early sixties and I remarked that they were fairly typical of what 60’s women’s wear looked like before it got all cutesy. Well, this week’s patterns are good examples of the cutesy look I was referring to. These dresses are from a Paton’s pattern… Read more »

knitting in public

I spend two hours commuting each day on the Ballarat VLine train. Although that’s two hours I’d rather spend at home, I make the most of it and use this time to knit and listen to podcasts. During the week it’s often the only knitting time I get, so I don’t really see it as a loss…. Read more »

lopi iceland knitting

This week’s Retro Monday looks like the late 60’s or early 70’s to me. As is usual with vintage patterns there is no publication date so have to take queues from the fashion and styling. The patterns combine traditional Icelandic colourwork with some of the worst crimes of fashion. Fringed vests, ponchos and micro-minis are all… Read more »

twinprufe knitting pattern

Today’s patterns are from the mid-1950’s – when children’s wear for the over-tens looked a lot like small versions of adult clothing. There might be novelty buttons or a cute pocket applique, but generally speaking, once children were out of nursery school their clothes didn’t look especially childish. The jumpers below are quite typical of 1950’s clothes… Read more »

fair isle beanie pattern

My latest pattern is finally ready to publish. After a second test knit and some dithering about what to name it I’m pleased to present the Katie Fair Isle Beanie. You may remember back in November 2013, I asked readers to suggest a name for this pattern and offered a free copy for anyone who… Read more »